Centor Bi-Fold Door Range

Milena Windows Centor Bi-Fold Doors Oxfordshire Cotswolds
Client Private Client
Location Witney, Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds and the surrounding counties.

Project Detail

Connecting you to the outside beauty of your world – There’s nothing more beautiful than the natural world and nowhere more special than the part of it that you call home. When you connect to the beauty outside, you live better, every day. By bringing light, air and beautiful views in, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Feel the cooling breeze on a summer day. Watch the rain fall from a cosy couch with a warm cup of tea. Take the time to admire the sunset.

With our variety of door styles, you have the freedom to create the perfect opening for your home. Choose from folding, double width folding, french or single doors with a sliding range coming soon. Choose between the warm beauty of furniture-grade solid wood or the sleek aesthetics of aluminium on the interior of your doors with options for the fantastic Stuttgart & Kiel handles to finish.