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Think Big, Think Maxxiglass

That’s exactly what we call our new large format glazing systems such as Open View Corner, Lift & Slide HS and Fine Line. Open up previously undiscovered panoramas with Unilux Maxxiglass.

Unilux’s hi-tech engineering systems are second to none, building products capable of supporting incredibly large, heavy glass packs. Large spans of tri pane glass (upwards of 90 sq ft) is easily possible with Maxxiglass. We can achieve passive house level performance too. Unilux advanced technologies along with innovative design solutions combine to demonstrate our mastery of the craft. This is what Unilux has done for nearly 50 years.

Technical Masterpieces

Unilux’s Open View corner is a completely transparent, glass to glass, corner window. Our system is offered with high performance tri pane glass and is available in all Unilux colours and materials.

A common complaint of glass to glass corners, especially with tri pane, is the visible spacer bar and unsightly sealant – it can often be irregular, uneven and inconsistent. With Open View corner we have developed a specialized assembly where a special glass coating is applied to the spacer bars rendering them invisible. When installed, all that remains are shadows.

Lastly, Open View corner is built with special materials on the exterior that block harmful UV from breaking down the glass seals. Milena have the solution for your project!

Thin Lines, Big Glass

Modern day architects want more glass and less window frame. Thankfully, our Fine Line façade systems were created to make their dreams a reality.

Available in any of our five wood species on the interior, Fine Line window walls are fully customizable and have incredible capabilities. The technology behind Fine Line is impressive; our unique fastening system is completely hidden.

Exterior aluminum beauty caps protect the system from the elements and are offered in a wide variety of profiles, something for any architectural style. Additionally, interior posts and crossbars are available in various sizes and shapes, suited to any homeowner’s whims.


Let Milena Plan Your Dream Glass Wall

Leave it to Milena to help design a system that offers slim lines but is also capable of utilizing the latest glazing technologies. With the Clima Protect insulating profile, Unilux Fine Line is capable of hitting Passive House performance standards; either double glazing, or tri pane glazing up to 48mm is suitable to our very adaptable system.

Unilux Fine Line façade accepts window and door inserts. Want venting options or a double door in the middle of your façade? Very simple with our specialized inserts. Fine Line says yes where all other window system say no.

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