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A lot is expected of modern windows. They should catch the light of the seasons while stopping air, cold and sound from penetrating your home. A window is your access to the world, but they must also deter unwanted guests. Unilux windows, made from either timber (wood) or UPVC (plastic), offer state of the art performance in matters of energy efficiency, security and sound insulation. Choose from timber / aluminium combination, timber or UPVC. Whatever your project, Milena have the solution for you.

Timber – Meisterfenster

Wood – timeless and renewable. For years, Unilux Meisterfenster has been the market leader in Germany. Wood is a material of character, from the individuality of the grain to the color of the glaze. Let us show you the most beautiful side of wood windows.

No matter which options you choose – with our wood windows you always opt for masterful design. By building only with pine, larch and exotic wood, we balance the natural resiliency of each species with exquisite design aesthetics. In addition to RAL colors, Unilux offers a selection of transparent and semi-transparent colors (e.g. oak, mahogany, beech, walnut). Lastly, select from 3 diverse design styles to compliment any architecture.

Window-line Round

The warm feel of the wood is enhanced by the strongly curved contours. Both combine to form a harmonious overall picture that is timeless.

Combine as you wish. There are almost infinite combination possibilities:

Window-line Rustic

The design is a testament to traditional carpentry and joinery. In older buildings, this profile blends harmoniously with the original facades of corporate complexes.

Combine as you wish, with almost an infinite possibility of combinations.

Window-line Slanted

A delightful contrast: Cool styling meets warm wood. In its angular appearance this profile offers exciting design possibilities in the modern facade architecture.

Combine as you wish, with almost an infinite possibility of combinations.

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Conserving Energy Through Tri Pane

Triple glazing is a proven technology capable of making dramatic differences in the thermal performance of windows and doors. At Unilux, we glaze our products with a wide-variety of glass-packs, each uniquely designed to achieve different degrees of energy efficiency, security enhancement and sound attenuation. Choose from the following glass configurations:


Our most popular and affordable tri pane offering, Super Thermo 3 is a 40mm overall, argon filled glass pack with Guardian low e coatings on surfaces 2 & 5. This glazing shows a tested Ug value of 0.6 w/m2xxx. Compared to double pane glazing, Super Thermo 3 provides vastly superior thermal performance and excellent return on investment.


For those seeking state of the art performance, Ultra Thermo 3 is it. Take the Super Thermo 3 but fill the air space with a blend of argon and krypton noble gas. Krypton helps boost the Ultra Thermo 3 performance level to Ug 0.5 w/m2xxx, truly rarified air. Typically combined with our Ultra Therm frame, the Ultra Thermo 3 glass pack helps enable our windows and doors to achieve passivhaus level performance.


For those wanting to boost SHGC and take advantage of free solar energy from the sun, Thermo White 3 is our answer. Fabricated much like the Super and Ultra Thermo glass packs, this option utilizes special coatings that absorb more heat without allowing it to needlessly escape. In those climates where higher SHGC numbers are needed, Thermo White 3 is the solution.

Soundproofing & Security with SAFE

Every person places a different emphasis on security; thus we offer numerous enhancements to discourage thieves and repel break-ins. SAFE – The Safety Programme – Our SAFE programs are an inexpensive, yet effective way to carry on life difficult for burglars.

Safe II security enhancements are an effective barrier against unwanted guests attempting to pry a window open. Mushroom head bolts are added to each locking point located around the perimeter of the sash, making it impossible for the sash to be removed from the frame. Additionally, handles with locking buttons or keyed locks provide yet another barrier between thieves and your personal belongings.

Safe III security enhancements consist of all the elements of Safe II plus the added barrier of laminated glass. Unilux projectile resistant A1 glass has been thoroughly tested and surpasses tough DIN standards for forced entry. An added bonus of laminated glass is superior sound reduction and enhanced UV protection.

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