Unilux Multi Purpose Doors

An entry door must be inviting, and it should say something about the people who live behind it. A modern front door should be beautiful, but equally important is functionality and security. Every Unilux door, whether made of wood, aluminum, wood or plastic, is a product of exemplary quality. Be it safety, noise or energy efficiency that is required – a Unilux door meets the most rigorous demands of today’s market. Whatever your project, Milena have the solution for you.

UPVC Plastic / Vinyl

Quality without compromise. Our plastic doors are representative of what the name Unilux stands for, but at a price where they are available to everyone.

Your Style

There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach at Unilux. Each entry door is an individual creation for which you not only choose the model, size and shape, but also decide on lots of other details.

You can add your own personal touch with optional side panels and transom windows. The choice of glass and handle will also express your unique, individual tastes. That’s how Unilux offers individuality that works.

Fits like a glove

How big should an entry door be? Which way should it open? Is it better to have one or two panels? And how much daylight should the door let in? These are questions each person will answer differently.

That’s why Unilux not only offers you customised entry doors to your requested lengths and width, but also with the options of your choice. For example, with one or two side panels and transom windows. Elements which accentuate your door and add extra design features.

Robust Security Standards

Base model Unilux doors feature an integrated locking system comprising of three point locking bolts and two pivoting hooks. This poses a severe problem for perpetrators, as it requires significant time and energy to separate the door panel from the frame. It is a robust standard, virtually impervious to unwanted break-ins.

Everyone puts a different emphasis on safety, therefore we offer several options to help repel thieves.

An Extra Level in Security

For those seeking the ultimate in security, Unilux offers additional features to intensify the highest safety standard yet.

Milena Windows Unilux Doors Oxfordshire Cotswolds

Automatic Locking

Forgot to lock the door behind you? Do not worry. With this option, the door locks automatically, just by latching closed.

Milena Windows Unilux Doors Oxfordshire Cotswolds

Trap Door Feature

More effective than a door chain, trap door is used as an additional locking mechanism from the inside and as a door anti closing guard while outside.

Milena Windows Unilux Doors Oxfordshire Cotswolds

Four and Five Point Locking

Additional swivel hooks and latches guarantee burglars must spend a awful lot more time trying to penetrate your home.

Milena Windows Unilux Doors Oxfordshire Cotswolds

Safety Glass

Thanks to laminated glass, even when the glass is broken, it remains in place – bonded together by a layer of polycarbonate between the separate panes.

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